Extra Hands in Challenging Times

My company has been making use of corporate secretarial services in recent times because of the recent changes due to the worldwide virus outbreak. It’s something that no one expected to happen, but it’s here now and we all have to deal with it. The secretary that the service provided me with has helped out a lot by handling duties that would normally be performed by the other employees at the company. There is a shelter in place order for most places, so people aren’t doing business the way they usually do, but this will change once the infection rates have gone down, and everything will be back to business as usual.

Before I was using the secretary, certain tasks were divided among the other workers of the company. This kept them pretty busy, and sometimes they felt a little bit overwhelmed by the work. They were able to handle it because they loved working at the company, but I shouldn’t have put them through all of that stress. If I had hired the secretary sooner, they would have had an easier time on the job and would be able to do things more efficiently.

I’ve been thinking about using the service to add another secretary. I think having two secretaries to take care of some of the duties would make everyone a little happier. Although funds are tight these days, the company still has enough to pay everyone on the payroll and a couple of more people to do work. Assuming that conditions lighten and everything goes back to normal or something close to it, I can keep two secretaries. If things get worse, I may have to start thinking about layoffs, but I wouldn’t want to resort to that. The people who have been working here are like family, and I wouldn’t want to lose them.