I Found the Worst Salt Lake City Escort Service Around

I am one of those guys who do not mind paying for a good time, which is why I sometimes look for a Salt Lake City escort service when I am bored. My main issue is that the service I typically use has gone out of business and I am having a difficult time finding another one.

The other night, I called one that I saw advertised on the Web and I decided to take a chance. I should have know that there would be a problem when I called to ask a few questions and the person answering the phone had a terrible attitude.

After reluctantly responding to my inquiries, I was told that I would have a blonde lady at my door in a few hours. The minute she arrived, there was a huge problem. Not only was she a brunette, but she was a bit short and on the heavier side and I prefer someone that is tall and thin.

I did not want to be mean and tell her to go away, so I let her in, we had a few drinks and pretty much spent the time having awkward conversation. Apparently, she has not been doing this for very long and she was incredibly shy. I am as well, so this was not a good match at all.

Now I am searching for a better Salt Lake City escort service and I am having a heck of a time. It is not like I am going to walk up to anyone I know and ask for a recommendation or something. I also do not want to choose at random since this means I can end up spending a ton on girls that I am not interested in hanging out with on the off chance I will find someone better in due time.