It Has Been a Strange Week for Me

It has really been a strange week for me to say the least. Some of my friends say that I should go to Las Vegas and bet all the money that I have on black. Of course it started out when these friends of mine convinced me to do some gambling on betting sites on the world wide web. I have always been pretty good at gambling, but I am not a fool and I understood the definition of the word. Unless you are really rich or really well disciplined then you can not really afford to be gambling hard earned money away. Obviously if you are right then it is not so big of a deal. I did this for three weeks in a row, intended to decide how much I should gamble with and not use any more than that. The first week I did really well and doubled the seventy five dollars that I started with. I had bet on nine NFL games.

At any rate I decided to play some poker, not very seriously. I was just doing this trick I had heard about where you just make a small amount of money. However I got some really good cards and the right move was to bet on the cards. So by the time that the next weekend rolled around I had close to four hundred dollars. Of course I could have wussed out, but instead I nearly doubled that again. It was an easy thing to imagine getting rich and by the third week I was really excited about the thing. I managed to bet on 13 games of which I won all save two. That included a three game parley based on the ones that I felt the surest about. I had to put the money to practical deeds then.