I Started Working for My Uncle

A few years ago my uncle told me that he had become a bitcoin trader in his spare time. At the time I think that I was about 12 years old and I did not know what he meant and I did not care. Of course eventually I started to think about what I would do when I have to earn my own money. I realized that my father got up early every morning and went to a job that he did not seem to enjoy for around ten hours a day. On the other hand my uncle does not really seem to do much and at the same time he appears to be very well off. Of course I got to hanging out with him to try to figure out how to do what he was doing and I learned that he spent all of his time sitting in front of a bunch of computer screens and he is doing a lot more than just bitcoins.

Right now I am still too young to do most jobs without having the government involved in things. So I was really happy when he started paying me fairly well to be his flunky. I run errands for him and I take care of his yard and his pool. The last part is rather distracting because his girlfriend spends all her time out there laying in the sun. I get the feeling that if I was not around she might not wear anything, but she wears very little as it is and I have a hard time not staring at her. At any rate I am really trying to learn how to do the stuff that he does, but the thing is that you need to have a lot of money to start and you need to be willing to risk it as well.