Faced with a Tough Decision

I live at the Treasure at Tampines in Singapore, and there have been some little girls walking around the complex trying to sell these cookies for their school. This reminds me of those girl scouts who used to sell cookies back where I used to live. I used to buy boxes from them, but every year the prices for the cookies would gradually rise, and once I was an adult, they were just too much for me to justify spending money on them. Luckily the girls here in Singapore have prices that are much more reasonable.

I was more than happy to do my part to support these girls by buying their cookies. They sold five varieties, and I couldn’t make up my mind about which one I wanted. One of the girls suggested that I buy all of them, but I wasn’t going to do that. I didn’t need that much sugar in my diet. Since I was taking so long to make up my mind, the girls told me that I should think about it and when they come back from making their rounds, then I can give them my choice. I went inside and thought about the cookies while watching television. On one hand, I liked the chocolate cookies they had, but on the other hand, the lemon cookies were also good, as were the mint cookies.

I was no closer to making a decision than when the girls came around, so I decided to let luck make a choice for me. I took out a coin and flipped it, with each side representing a choice for one of the cookies. I did the same thing with another two choices, until I was able to narrow my choices to just one. When the girls came back, I told them to give me a box of the chocolate cookies.