I Appreciate Really Good Music

When you listen to a song, what do you hear? I like to ask that question to people sometimes. The answers are pretty interesting too. Some are basic answers like, just a song. Others will tell me they hear the music more than the lyrics. Others will say that they just hear their favorite singer belting out another hit. For me, I take my music seriously. Every time I do an mp3 song download, I am surprised at what I can hear in a song. It is not always the same thing, which is what is so surprising.

I don’t have a typical answer to that question. When I downloaded a song earlier today from an mp3 song download site, I was instantly taken with the music. It was a classical sound but done in a modern way, if that makes any sense. There were lyrics, but I honestly cannot tell you what they were. I just got that lost in the music itself. Now, a song I listened to last week, the music was very weak, but the lyrics were extremely powerful. I listened to it probably a dozen times in a row, just so I could memorize the lyrics perfectly.

Most of my friends discount that song right away because the music is not strong at all. It is okay, but nothing that stands out. That does not even matter to me. I just love the lyrics because they tell a story that needs to be told. So, my answer to that question is that it really depends on the song. I hear something different with all the songs that I download, and there is nothing wrong with that. I just appreciate really good music, and I am going to keep downloading it and liking what appeals specifically to me!