From Restaurant to Home with the Touch of a Button

I really hate it when you want to get some food from a location that doesn’t deliver, but don’t want to drive or take the public transportation to get there. I knew that I wasn’t alone in this, so I found a mobile app developer in Singapore, and asked them to help me create an app that would be the start of my new service. The service would allow people to sign up that wanted to take on driving tasks, and they would be able to drive to these food locations and buy food for people and deliver it.

Lots of people like to take on simple jobs or take on extra jobs to bring more money into their homes, and something like a delivery job is the perfect way to do that. I wanted the drivers to be able to select their own operating hours, so they would be able to do the job at their own comfort and would not feel frustrated. This meant that the developers had to create a log in section for the drivers and for those who ordered the food, and the drivers had to select their operating times from a time table.

I was actually the first person to use my app once it was launched. I was really hungry for a hamburger and didn’t want to travel to the restaurant to get it, so I used the app to dispatch one of the drivers to get one for me. They bought the burger and arrived pretty quickly. While the delivery process was going on, I was getting updates from the app of the status of the delivery. This was a feature that I asked the developers to put in for people who tend to get impatient when it comes to their food orders.