Why We Needed to Rent a Bus

My husband and his brothers wanted to have a family reunion at a park about an hour away. I asked why we could not have it at one of our houses or even a local park, but they all insisted it be at this particular park. Knowing they would not budge and we would have to wait until we got there to see what was so special about it, I decided to just help him plan it without knowing all the details. I looked up transportation services in Singapore because there were just too many people going who either did not drive or did not have a car.

Rather than make several trips or even renting a few cars to accommodate everyone, I suggested that we just rent a bus. I knew that buses were available for just about any size that is needed. After doing a count three times, I knew that we would need a bigger bus since there were 39 of us. When I looked at the website for St Lee Transport, I was happy to see that they have a 40 seat bus that looked very nice.

I sent an email to request a price. I included the details such as the number of people, the departure site, and where we were going along with how long we would be there since we would need a ride back later that evening. The price was very reasonable, and my husband and his brothers decided to just cover it themselves rather than have everyone pitch in for it. When the bus dropped us off at the park on that day, I could see why we all had to be there. Their parents were renewing their vows, and it was a secret to the rest of us. It was a beautiful day, and one that will be a great memory for all of us.