Why I Chose the TCM Clinic

I had been seeing a regular doctor for years. A lot of my friends don’t have a physician like that, but I have a very sensitive stomach. I knew that it would only be to my benefit by having a medical professional monitoring my health on a regular basis. At least, that is what I thought. I changed my mind on this once I read an article on a local TCM clinic. I knew that it was there, but I had never really considered going there because I had already been established with my doctor.

What I did not even think about is that perhaps the level of care that I would receive would be different. Once I read the article and saw just what all a TCM clinic can help treat, I knew that I wanted to give them a try. What I especially liked in the article is that they do not want to just treat a problem. Sure, that helps sometimes, but treating a problem does not always mean you are treating what caused the problem in the first place. That is where I was stuck in an endless loop with my doctor at the time.

I would go and see him about my stomach issues, he would do some blood tests, and just write me a prescription for refills. The pills I was taking helped some, but there was still discomfort and even some days where I could not leave the house because of my symptoms. That is not living, and the article on the TCM clinic actually gave me hope. I went there, and they are now the only ones I see about my stomach and any other issues. I am no longer taking pills, and my problems are almost completely gone now too. This is what I call living!