New Futura is in a Great Location

When my husband and I looked at a website detailing everything about the New Futura condo development, we knew that we had to see this one in person. We were married nearly eight years ago, and we had a plan that we had been sticking to. We knew that we wanted to be in our permanent home by our tenth wedding anniversary. We had been saving some money and investing another portion of it, so we had a nice nest egg in which to buy something since we both have great jobs.

We work in District 9, so we had been looking for about a year at different developments in the area. We had even been looking at homes with a bit of property, but we quickly realized that was not for us. While property is nice for some people, it just looked like a lot of work for us. We wanted to be able to let others take care of maintenance while we just enjoyed the features of where ever we chose to finally buy. New Futura opened up a lot of possibilities for us because of its location, which is why we took a closer look at it.

When we are not working, we spend a lot of time together, but we also have our own interests too. His passion is golf, and there is a golf club within walking distance. Not that he would ever walk there, but it is nice that it is so close. For me, shopping is what I do to have fun. A lot of people shop online now, but I like going to the different shops and experiencing it all in person. My favorite shops are very close to New Futura, so I knew that the location was good for both of us. And, when we are together at home, there are so many great things to do, whether we are in the condo or enjoying one of the dozens of features available for everyone living there.