We Finished the New Web Page

We just finished the new web page, but right now we still have to work on a number of things. The most important of which is the fact that there just are not enough people looking at it, much less using it for the purpose that it is designed for. So we have been looking for stuff like an seo service in Philippines although the fact that it is in the other side of the planet is not something that counts for it in my mind. The boss was looking for a discount, although to me the big thing is that you want to get what you are paying for. The purpose is to get the site listed on the search engines. Obviously you have looked for a lot of things on your phone or on your computer. You either find what you want on the first page of results or you do not really look much further for it.

We are not that far from where we need to be, but that is the same as being buried under a mountain when you think about it. The real way to get where you need to be is to pay Google, but that costs a good deal of money and they will ask more from the next guy to come along. At any rate you either need to be on that first page or you just do not expect to get many views from the process. To do that you really need to be able to understand the math that they use to determine which results go where, then you have to figure out how to game the system. Obviously the people at Google and the other search engines know this and they do not like it when people do this sort of thing.