A Local AC Company That Provides Emergency Service Calls

The summer heat has been nearly unbearable this year with temperatures hovering around the 100-degree mark. I know that it has to be hard on your air conditioner to run it almost around the clock with temperatures only dipping into the 80’s at night. It seems like mine has been running for about two weeks straightnow. At times it doesn’t seem to cool the house as much as I would like but didn’t really give it a whole lot of thought. I guess I should have consulted with a company that specializes in ac repair in Brandon, MS when it started doing that.

After constantly running for almost two weeks my air conditioner quit working altogether. This was disatorous as they were predicting the highs this week to be in the lower 100’s. I desperately called around trying to find someone to make an emergency service call. This was not an easy task as I was only one of many who was having ac problems. I finally found a local company that could fit me into their busy schedule. Thank goodness they said they could be at my house within the hour. I patiently waited and they showed up after 25 minutes.

It didn’t take the technician more than a few minutes to figure out what the problem was. He explained to me that air conditioners produce a lot of condensation and this can freeze over due to improper ventilation. This is what happened to mine. He said we had to turn it off and let the ice melt before turning it back on. He went on to say that this is a common problem when the temperature outside is as hot as it has been. He advised that we keep an eye on it and that if it happened again to call them back.