An Interesting Documentary Helped to Prompted Me to Experiment

I know that I always feel better when I listen to music, but I didn’t know just how good it can be for people who have dementia. Not long ago, I was watching a documentary about how it can boost the memories for people who suffer from that ailment. My mother has it, so I watched the documentary with rapt attention. Soon after, I found a site that says that it offers a free MP3 download if you sign up to the site. I spent weeks pouring through all of the different songs there to find ones that my mom would love.

My mom was born in the 1940s, and she really began listening to music a lot in the 1950s. While growing up, I would often hear my mother walking around the house singing or humming songs that she remembered from her childhood and teen years. She often turned the radio dial in our home to stations with old songs that were new to me. I loved them all. I feel that music was so much better back then over today’s music. Mom has not really listened to much much since her diagnosis, but my plan was to experiment with songs that would resonate with her to see what would happen.

From time-to-time, I have music on in my office at home. Mom would hear it, but I never noticed any changes in her. After I downloaded all of the songs from the 50s and 60s that I knew my mother would like, I purchased a really nice set of headphones. My hope was that piping the music directly into her ears, coupled with songs that mean something to her, would have a positive affect. I was stunned to see that I was right. Mom danced, sang and smiled while listening to the songs with her new headphones. It boosted her mood and it helped her to start speaking more often.